Can Poetry Help End Malaria? | Maria Shriver

I thought of Thai poet Mainueng K. Kunthee, about his courage to write the fight for freedom of expression (note: Mainueng was murdered in April of this year). I thought of Ginsberg, in particular about the way September On Jessore Road drew thousands of eyes to the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971.

Ebola outbreak shuts down malaria-control efforts : Nature News & Comment

As the Ebola death toll spirals into the thousands in West Africa, the outbreak could have a spillover effect on the regions deadliest disease. The outbreak has virtually shut down malaria control efforts in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, raising fears that cases of the mosquito-borne illness may start rising if they havent already. Chinese science gets mass transformation So far, at least 3,000 people are estimated to have died of Ebola in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia in the current outbreak, although World Health Organization (WHO) staff acknowledge that official figures vastly underestimate the total.

A Healthy Baby Is a Mother’s Joy | Cover Africa

Yet, despite their best efforts too many babies and young children across Tanzania die each year from malaria. In fact a child dies every sixty seconds from this deadly disease. But all a mom needs to fully protect her baby is a simple insecticide-treated bed net. A child who sleeps under a bed net from birth onward could grow up never knowing the pain and suffering that malaria brings. This is why everyone in a community smiles big on the day when life-saving bed nets, provided by Nothing But Nets supporters, arrive.


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